Our hLine presents a new way in realizing comprehensive Telemedicine patient control for the benefit of all involved sides! Thereby, this innovative project exactly represents our company philosophy. The hLine offers a Telemonitoring infrastructure which can be integrated and upgraded at will. Besides our high-quality smartLAB® systems we especially present the hFon: the world‘s first Telehealth smartphone with integrated glucose monitor. This mobile phone collects the measurement data of compatible smartLAB® products. The results can be stored and shown on the phone’s display. Our hLine offers the greatest convenience possible! Anyhow which strategy you are about to follow - with this system we present you a complete package from one source. This way, you can individually adapt it to your system and gather exactly that kind of data that is interesting for you!

With the hLine you get a complete telemonitoring package and a suitable infrastructure in one step: A broad product portfolio of systems collects measurement results from different fields. These results will be sent wirelessly via ANT technology to our data collection units: the hFon, the hFon collect , the hLine Terminal or hgateway. There, they can be individually adapted and be integrated into any existing telemedicine software. You define which kind of test results you want — the hLine will deliver them to you quickly and reliably. Else, you can also use our application to display measurement results, manage your patients or check their vital data. Depending on the point of interest, the hLine is your perfect choice.

Great flexibility through mobile Telemonitoring solutions such as hFon & hLine Terminal More safety by a comprehensive control of vital data
childs's play: automatic data transfer after each measurement Individually applicable in your own Telemedicine software
Network capability: With the data transfer standard used in the hLine, there are no limits! Create your own local network and cover large areas (> 10 meters) to be able to transmit all measured data within this area to the receiving station.

Our hLine is an all-round concept. Patients, doctors, pharmacists, telemedicine companies or hospitals – we prepared individual packages which contain monitoring systems and the transfer technology and can be set up according to your needs. On the following pages you will learn how the hLine works and which package might be best suitable for you!