Monitoring systems with integrated, wireless ANT transmission for your customer.
Network capability because of ANT: Coverage of a broad area in which measurement results can be collected.
With hSpots, the signal can be increased and thus, the coverage can be extended – it works just like wireless repeater.
The devices are easy to use & wireless data transfer works without further technical knowhow.
Wireless data transfer to mobile & stationary collection units.
Great flexibility while gathering the data: with the hFon and hFon collect our hLine offers mobile data collectors. The hFon is a smart phone, hFon collect a data collection unit in the shape of a key chain which can be connected to a PC via USB slot, for example.
The hLine Terminal is a separate computer with internet-, USB or WiFi-connection. hGateway is a Blackbox-solution, which receives and transfers data without additional processing option.
The data will be stored on the servers of the HMM Group.
For private users who measure their vital data with hLine systems, hLine private is an easy-touse package to display and manage test results.
Besides the possibility of displaying test results on the data collectors hFon or hLine Terminal, hLine private users will also have access to the hLine Portal. This internet portal allows you to display graphics of your test results in your web browser or manage your data in a diary. This will also give private users more security controlling their personal health.